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The Deep Defense Network is an ecosystem and a globally distributed Artificial Intelligence system that detects cyberattacks against Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and creates an incentive for participants to adopt best practice security.



Our social and business mission is to make the world more secure by allowing people, organizations and governments to safely realize the benefits of emerging technologies.

The Challenge

From health and water to energy and space, the Internet of Things promises exponential solutions to humanity’s grand global challenges. Yet, IoT Security is one of the greatest unaddressed challenges facing the world.

In their report, McKinsey & Company and the Global Semiconductor Alliance outline why IoT cybersecurity is such a great challenge:


Source: McKinsey & Co and Global Semiconductor Alliance


Unsophisticated security technology

1. The cybersecurity solutions available today are unable to provide sufficient coverage to detect and prevent attacks.

A solution is needed that is sufficiently sophisticated and can evolve over time.

2. Immature security standards

The industry is fragmented as players compete to establish proprietary standards.

A solution is needed that can incorporate all potential future standards.

3. Security value not seen by customers

End-users are unaware of the security implications of their technology choices. They are generally unwilling to pay more for enhanced security.

A solution is needed that incentivizes users to care about security.

4. Difficulty monetizing security

Device manufacturers aren’t incentivized to adopt security: they face price pressure, but the market has not yet put a price on safer devices.

A solution is needed that rewards manufacturers for enhancing global security.

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The Deep Defense Network™


The Deep Defense Network is a globally distributed Artificial Intelligence system that detects cyberattacks against Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and incentivizes ecosystem participants.

01. Sophisticated Security Solutions

A distributed and decentralized artificial intelligence system detects attacks against IoT devices

02. Best Practice Audits

All devices must pass a security audit to ensure best practices are followed

03. Values cybersecurity

Micro- and macro-economics incentivize security behaviour 

04. monetization for all players

Manufacturers and ecosystem participants are rewarded for security


Introducing the Xield™ Token

Every device protected by the Deep Defense Network generates Xield tokens. These are sent to :

  • Device manufacturers
  • Data Scientists
  • Security Auditors
  • End-users

Xield™: The Key to Security Intelligence

The Xield tokens are consumed accessing threat information and security intelligence about protected devices.

Xield tokens can also used as payment and lead generation for Deep Defense Network Ecosystem Members:

  • Managed security services providers
  • Breach remediation services
  • Cyber-risk insurers
  • Educational programs

Xield tokens could also be traded on markets to ecosystem members, investors, governments, network operators, or enterprises who want to access threat information and security analytics.


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